Jakki is a change management specialist, a problem solver and an ideas guru. With a passion for customer service, Jakki is highly networked and has assembled a team of experts that can assist your business in times of high demand improve efficiencies. In times of low demand Jakki has been known to create demand and step above the clutter, and also assist businesses in diversification. She is a specialist group trainer and individual coach & mentor, who continually seeks excellence and strives to impart her skills and knowledge to others. Determined, focused and fast, Jakki has a unique ability to see opportunities outside of the norm. Jakki improves the sales processes in your business resulting in efficiencies, higher conversions and greater revenues. She easily mentors teams and shows them how to be more commercially minded, better able to understand the customer and capture the opportunities whilst being socially aware. Staying abreast of the latest time efficient methods in technology Jakki is an internal communications expert and believes strongly in the power of social media for small business, never forgetting the importance of live communication.