These days the idea of a night in and or a whole weekend away from the madding crowds (particularly away from an airport) is really quite appealing.

Dancing in the lounge room,  walking along the beach, watching Netflix and eating popcorn is actually my idea of a good time.

When I look at social media of people at the footy hanging out in the corporate suites, or fine dining in a marvellous restaurant I am very happy for them, but just don’t want to do it all the time.

I think there is a time and a place for everything and I have certainly had my share over the years of fabulous parties and events (always working of course) and it absolutely is the simple things that I prefer in my down time.

But I feel for people looking at others that seem to be having a better time than they are, and would just like to remind them we don’t put pictures of ourselves on social picking up dog poo.

You are seeing a literal snapshot of someone existence and usually quite a curated snapshot. You don’t see the fight with the boyfriend or feel the uncomfortable shoes, or experience  the freezing wind at the oval, or hear the boring conversations at cocktail parties..

There is too much social comparison that is just not healthy and quite often not reality. Take everything with a pinch of salt people, look up not down and live a little with whatever it is you like to do,  not what that screen is telling you you should like to do.


Come join me on the couch with Nettflix – RoboDog is excellent