If you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves!

In hospitality I find that going into a business for the first time, it’s often about getting back to basics, before getting stuck into the Marketing and Sales. I tend to focus on taking care of what can appear to be the little things, and at the same time try not to sweat the small stuff, how about you? Whilst my expertise is tourism and hospitality (The Visitor Economy) I have always thought some of these basics may relate to other industries, and now being asked to be involved in non-hospitality ventures I am finding it to be true time and time again.

  • Keep receiving procedures efficient (i.e. actually answer the phone and convert those bookings/sales or handle those complaints/queries, request contact details, record the outcome and report on it)
  • Watch the payroll hours (staffing to the level that has the lowest overhead while maintaining customer service)
  • Control the inventory (so that you are not carrying stock that will not sell) but do have every thing you need.
  • Understand your customers behaviour (i.e. what are the most popular items, what doesn’t sell, the most popular days of the week and busiest times of day)
  • Employ staff for attitude (checking references thoroughly)
  • Keep pilferage/wastage to a minimum (for obvious reasons)
  • Talk to your staff, let them know what is going on (if not they are likely to make it up anyway)

Regardless of the economy, you should be able to meet your expected profit margin because you will have controlled your costs, and you will have ensured that the natural flow of business is actually being accepted. And you will have controlled internal communication decreasing inefficiencies amongst your team.

Taking care of these little but obvious areas doesn’t necessarily bring in extra business or control the purchases–the BIG picture—but you do control the details that make up the other side of the ledger.

Then certainly in hospitality it’s all about the service and supporting excellent Word of Mouth with Marketing and Sales… The Big Things

What are your thoughts or experiences on little things that need attention in business.